Digital Mega Screens

Reach BIG with the most prestigious giant screens
In-store Media Embrace the shopping experience and drive your brand visibility!
HDS Reach MORE at the right time in the right location! Tokinomo
Tokinomo the ultimate in-store shopper engagement tool


Faden provides the perfect advertising opportunities for prestigious brands on the largest LED screens in the world located at Jeddah and Khobar. we also provide the best in-store media solutions with the highest reach across the kingdom with an exclusive partnership with market leaders in retail, Panda retail company and Lulu Hyper Market.

Faden Media out of home digital screens connects brands with consumers in the places they go throughout their day in many ways:


-Delivering the right messages to the right viewers

-Interactive content

-High reach & visibility

Hypermarket Digital Solutions

Mega coverage for more than 40 stores around the Kingdom:



-Interactive media

-Long period of exposure

-Communication at the right time

In-Store Media Solutions

Exclusive access to market your brands at the moment of purchase:



-Engaging with consumers

-Increase brand awareness

-Convert undecided shoppers

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Why Faden Media ?

  • We help brands meet people throughout KSA. Our talented and dedicated team create and post stunning advertising, as well as cleaning and maintaining indoor advertising zones, making the urban environment better for local communities. We have long-term partnerships with advertisers, agencies, landlords and local authorities, helping advertisers reach people in public spaces on our classic and digital platforms across the country.

  • We work closely with advertisers to create beautiful, effective Out of Home advertising.

  • We continually invest in the highest quality sites, the newest technologies and latest planning tools to connect brands with people at the right time, in the right place. Our nationwide portfolio offers advertisers three key benefits: Reach, Activation, and Fame.

Faden Media Provide Large Variety of Advertising Services 

What We Do ?

Advertising Media Solutions
Creative Solutions And Guidelines
Social Media Support
In-Store Media Planning And Strategy
In-Store Branding Solutions
Retails Media Market Development
Retail Media Digital Branding