Faden Media engages in the management and provision of diversified investments including specialists in in-store media solutions. It has galloped its way into becoming Saudi Arabia’s largest, digitally advanced, creative and most effective in-door media network.

Supporting its purpose, growth and expansion, Faden in introducing Faden Retail Solution focused solely on its assets displayed in-retail locations. We are partners with the largest retailers in the market with exposure spreading around the whole kingdom. We seek and apply the latest technologies, connecting brands with people better and faster.


The leader in providing the fastest access to customer’s purchase decision.


Being the largest digitally advanced advertising network in Saudi Arabia.


How brands communicate to shoppers in-store not only impacts purchasing decisions, but impacts the overall shopping experience. This experience can be the defining point in which a shopper decides to shop at one retailer rather than the other. We provide essential support to this interconnected system through our innovative media platforms with the shopper at the heart of the thinking.

By providing multiple communication platforms through innovative & top quality media, Faden ensures a “win-for-all” outcome for all parties involved.


Provides creative communication platforms


Improved Visibility & Off-Take


Category Uplift


Enhanced shopper experience